lunes, 24 de marzo de 2014



It’s based on a fable.

Recommended age group:  Level 3.

Characters: The little dwarves. They have different professions:  the builder, the carpenter, the farmer, the baker, the tailor, and the gardener. The inhabitants of the village (the men and their wives).

The story takes place in a little village located in the middle of a thick forest. When the night comes the village is filled with strange beings (the little dwarves). All of them begin to work, each one according to their profession. One day the women in the village wake up before than usual and discover the little dwarves. They find out that the dwarves finish all the tasks their husbands should have done.
They get very angry and scold their husbands for letting the dwarves do their work. The dwarves tell the men they shouldn’t put off until tomorrow what they can do today. The following day all the villagers work very hard and the dwarves feel happy because they have taught the inhabitants of this village a lesson!

Character objectives:
The dwarves want to teach the men in the village an important lesson: don’t let other people do your work.
In the beginning the wives are happy with their husbands because they think they are working hard. When they find out that all the work is being done by dwarves they get very angry and tell their husbands off.
The husbands are very lazy. They don’t finish what they have to do and when the next morning they see everything is done they don’t say anything. Someone will have done it. Who? It doesn’t matter.  Then their wives discover what is happening and they force their husbands to work harder.

Scene 1
All the scenes are set in the village. It’s dark (black curtains or paper can be used) and the little dwarves arrived at the village. They come from the right and left sides. They have the tools that correspond to their different professions.

Scene 2
Half of the dwarves introduce themselves. They say what their names are, what professions they have and what they are going to do. For instance: “Hi, my name is Thomas, I’m a gardener (he has got a broom and a dustpan), I’m going to sweep and pick up the leaves from the ground”. He starts his task.
Then the carpenter and the builder do the same (the carpenter has a hammer and nails, the builder has a small shovel and bricks). They do their tasks.

Scene 3
The other half of the dwarves enter and introduce themselves. They also say their names, what jobs they have and what they are going to do. For example: “I’m Rose, I’m a farmer (she has got a watering can and a basket), I’m going to water the vegetables and I’m going to pick up some carrots”. She starts her task.
Then the baker and the tailor do the same (the baker has a slice to take the bread and the tailor has a needle and some thread). They do their tasks.

Scene 4
It’s daytime. The wives wake up early and see the dwarves. They see them work.
They ask the dwarves what they are doing and they find out that these little dwarves are the ones who finish their husbands’ tasks.

Scene 5
The women get very angry. When they meet their husbands they tell them off. The husbands are ashamed. The dwarves also speak to the men and tell them:”Don´t put off until tomorrow what you can do today”. The men promise to work harder.

Scene 6
All the villagers wake up very early and begin to work. They are happy and sing. The dwarves are also very glad. They have given them a lesson!